Neighborhood Empowerment Grant Workshop Seeks to Sustain Communities

An opportunity for Denton residents to learn about neighborhood grants will be available on Nov. 8 at the Neighborhood Empowerment Grant Workshop.

This event is put on by Neighborhood Planning (NP), a group responsible for the facilitating of beneficial events and information on ways to empower local neighborhoods.

Promoting and initiating grants is one of the essential goals of this group.

“The workshop intends to inform Denton residents and neighborhoods about the Neighborhood Empowerment Matching and Micro Grants,” said Juan M. Pagoda-Reyes, a Planning Intern for the Department of Development Services.

The Matching and Micro Grants are the two key grants that the Neighborhood Planning group offers.

The idea of the matching grant is to “match neighborhood resources to complete neighborhood–proposed projects that foster self-help, self-management, and neighborhood pride, as well as enhance and beautify the neighborhood,” according to the Neighborhood Planning brochure. The matching grant could be worth as much as $10,000.

The Neighborhood Micro Grant is “a tool to assist neighborhood associations or groups in hosting meetings or events that will create new associations or increase memberships in the existing organizations,” according to the brochure. Neighborhoods are eligible to receive as much as $500 two times a year with the Micro Grant.

Any type of aid given to neighborhoods are of value, but just how big of an impact do these two grants have on local neighborhoods?

“Macro/Micro Grants are something that you might see more in municipality agencies, said Cindy Yeatts Brown, who is the Denton County Treasurer. “Denton County has a variety of grant funding through federal and state resources; those funds target areas of health care, juvenile programs and our court systems.”

Barbara Ross, Community Development Administrator for the City of Denton, also mentioned various organizations that have helped Denton neighborhoods prosper.

These organizations include the Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) and Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), both used to help support city housing programs.

According to the Third Quarter Financial Report the City of Denton put out, transportation has received the most grants, coming in at a resounding 95.04% between 2017–2018. Transportation has also been awarded almost $100 million within that same time frame.

Other projects where grants are being awarded are in community development, public safety and parks and recreation.

All projects that are aiming to apply for the matching and micro grants must go through an application process, which the workshop will assist on.

“At the workshop, attendees will receive instruction from city staff on how to complete the grant applications,” said Reyes.

The deadline for submitting a Neighborhood Project Matching Grant for 2018 is Dec. 18.

The Neighborhood Micro Grant applications should be submitted no later than four weeks prior to the neighborhood event.

The Grant Workshop will be held from 6–7 p.m. at the Development Services Center.



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